We Believe

Everyone deserves an
equal seat at the table

Regardless of the dietary restriction

Our Mission

We provide solutions and tools to help people living with dietary restrictions communicate with the foodservice industry effectively, accurately, and conveniently.

Our Vision

To empower people living with dietary restrictions to enjoy food everywhere by providing an accurate, accessible, and seamless technology solution to help communicate their dietary restrictions effectively, accurately, and conveniently - wherever their life takes them.

Our Values

Inclusion. Empowerment. Understanding.

Our Team

Kyle Dine

CEO & Founder
Living for 30 plus years with multiple food allergies, Kyle is dedicated to helping our community eat safer around the globe.

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Erin Kilduff

U.S. Product Manager

Erin is a mother of children with severe allergies and an allergy awareness advocate through her brand "Teal & Me".

Lisa Bolton

U.K. Product Manager

Managing food allergies, celiac disease and EoE in her family, Lisa is deeply engrained in the free-from community and runs @allergyunlimited on Instagram.

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Tracy Hames

U.S. Product & Customer Care Manager

Tracy is a long-time advocate in the food allergy community under the name Nutrimom. She's managed food allergies in her own household for over 20 years.

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Catalin Verela

Social Media Manager

A trusted member of the free-from community, Catalin has helped inspire many through her "The Celiac in Italy" brand.

Karina Montagni

SEO & Content Marketing Manager

Karina has been managing multiple food allergies in her family for over a decade and raises awareness of allergy life through @ourallergystory on Instagram.

Equal Eats
Our Story

Visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures is one of the greatest joys in life. We learn so much about ourselves and make amazing memories that we take with us forever. 

However, for some people travelling can be stressful and life-threatening. An important part of experiencing different cultures is trying new foods, but when you have allergies there is a level of concern to make sure your food doesn’t contain an ingredient that could risk your life. 

Most restaurants in major cities make it easy to understand a menu, but attempting to discuss more severe allergies or dietary restrictions with a language barrier can be frustrating for both you and your server. 

That is why we have created these translation cards designed with a professional team of chefs, servers, parents, and people who have travelled with dietary restrictions. 

Our name, Equal Eats, was created with a simple concept in mind: we believe in equality every time you eat. No one should feel like they are missing out on tasty food because of allergies, a language barrier, or fear for their life. 

Our professional translation cards are an essential travelling tool to better help you enjoy food, everywhere. 

Equal Eats Chef Cards

Our History

Our process
Quality is #1

We consulted over 2,000 people to ensure our cards contained the most effective messaging possible.

Our card design team consists of individuals with dietary restrictions, parents, chefs, wait staff, nutritionists, translators, linguists, and more.

The result? A premium dietary card that strikes a balance of what our community needs to communicate, and what foodservice staff need to hear.

We all deserve an equal seat at the table

Regardless of the dietary restriction.

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