Lisa Bolton

Hi I’m Lisa and I’m a mum of two. I have a daughter aged 16 who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in November 2020. And I have a son aged 14 who was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to dairy and egg aged 6 months. He also has severe asthma, dust mite and pollen allergies, oral allergy syndrome and was diagnosed with EOE in November 2020, which is triggered by soya.

I started my instagram account @allergyunlimited in September 2018. This account was created in hopes of supporting other families on their allergy journeys, by sharing our adapted recipes and experiences but it has become so much more than that.

I have connected with so many lovely people through this amazing community and I am now passionate about supporting both businesses and individuals who are advocating for and making a difference for those with food restrictions.

This in turn has led me to a career in the allergy community with Equal Eats, the most incredible company who are empowering those with food restrictions to be able to eat out anywhere. As a family we love to eat out, go camping, to festivals and on holiday and equal eats has enabled us to do all of this with confidence, particularly this year when we will be going back to France for the first time in 3 years, with new food restrictions.

Fun facts about me are that we have a crazy working cocker spaniel called Ivy and prior to having children, I drove to Turkey and back, through 11 different countries in Europe, in a camper van and also backpacked across India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico and Colombia, so travel is definitely in my blood!!!

My main goal is for my children to live as full lives as possible without feeling limited by their food restrictions.