Tracy Hames

Hello! I am Tracy and I began the journey within the food allergy community when my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. In the beginning, there was limited knowledge of food allergy awareness, products and support. I am grateful to continue to see the growth of support increase, helping others so nobody will feel alone. Food allergy support is is a vast, never-ending place where people from all over the world meet. This is a family that you never knew existed and that you didn’t think would ever be a part of your life.

I have been an advocate since 2008 and although my son is now an adult, I have a burning passion to continue to help others. Advocacy is key, sharing life experiences is essential and lending both a helping hand and an ear to listen whenever someone needs it is still the best way to share that we are all a part of this journey together. My website is full of interviews, articles, product reviews and best of all, a tinge of humor to keep everyone smiling along the way. I tend to look at things a bit outside of the box to broaden the use of allergy-friendly products and to enhance how you not only look at your foods but understand them as well.

With my son managing his food allergies as an adult, I was looking for a new outlet to be connected to our community and to rethink what my position not as a mom, but as a food allergy mother who watched her son survive his earlier years. Becoming a part of the Equal Eats Team is an amazing step towards a new future of support, safety and happiness
for all of us.